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Shooting Training Shotgun Advanced Level

Course description

Fire fight and tactic with the SL shotgun - repeater as primary weapon.
The tactical handling of the shotgun intensified in different scenarios.
Depending on the situation, even in case of a personal injury, the seminar participant learns how to remain stress-resistant and tactically capable of acting. The communication in the team / small unit, positioning and movement as well as the aggressive opening of defensive fire in a defensive position is tactically established.


This seminar builds on the shooting training Shotgun SG1: Basic and is for the advanced shooter with the Modern Isosceles training.



  • The 4 safety rules for the safe handling of firearms

  • Mindset (mental readiness to fight)


  • Positioning the magazine pouches, the knee pads, the elbow pads, the sling, the radio/headset

  • Handling the radio and headset: The instructor commands are partly done via the radio (R) The HRT Academy will make them available to the seminar participants free of charge for the seminar

Practical shooting education

Seminar: Defense Shotgun SG2

  • Closed eyes shotgun and mag loading and unloading - drill

  • OODA Loop - (Col. John Boyd's - Cycle)

  • Be ready and secure positions with the shotgun  - (R)

  • Handling the shotgun in a 360 ° environment - (R)

  • FASTTTT (after the Wyatt protocol)

  • Communication, positioning and movement in the defense situation

  • Target identification and decision making under stress time limit - drill

  • Proactive (tactical) reload, reactive reload, injured reload, emergency reload

  • Detecting and eliminating weapons disruptions, malfunctions, shotgun stress - drill

  • Shooting with the weak arm

  • Two-armed / one-armed shooting on uneven ground and standing on one leg

  • Shooting from the changing cover and screen

  • Shooting from free and supported positions

  • Change from the standard shooting position standing to kneeling - crouching - sitting - lying - coverage positions - (R)

  • Special Items - SBU prone - reverse rollover - supine - broke back prone - (R)

  • HRT shotgun special shooting

  • Strong / weak arm shotgun shooting - stress drill - (R)

  • 1/2 & 1/2 shogun drill

  • Shotgun mess - drill

  • No mercy drill - (Joe Betge) - (R)

  • Triple 9 - hole shotgun dril

  • Triple threat shotgun drill


  • Shot image evaluation and error analysis

  • Shotgun cleaning: disassembling, cleaning, assembling the weapon

  • Equipment: a holster, magazine pouches, shooting glasses, hearing protection, a lamp, defense ammunition, a sling, a ipod, optics

  • Cool down/ an evening grill / dinner together


Seminar: Defense Shotgun SG2

The equipment must be provided by the participant himself.


Weapons and technology:

  • Shotgun /repeater shotgun/pump gun, semi-automatic shotgun cal. 12/70 - 12/76
    normal metal sight or red dot sight / iron sight or red dot  
    (magnification not essential)

  • 450 slugs - 400 trap - 250 buckshot (00), factory ammunition

Details on the loan of firearms and ​Pre-order of ammunition can be found here >>>


  • Semi - automatic shotgun, a box magazine, minimum 4 magazines, magazine pouches, magazine holster

  • Minimum 4 magazines, magazine pouches, magazine holster

  • Weapon sling (best would be a 2 point or 3 point sling)

  • knee pads

  • Chest righ if available

  • Range bag,a backpack, a bipod, or similar as a weapon pad

  • Attention! Your clothing can get wet and dirty


The basic equipment for each of our seminars can be found here >>>

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