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The firearm should be in any extreme emergency always the last tool to be used.
Our Tactical Shooting System is not meant for people who are specifically looking for a confrontation, even though it could be avoided.

Participation in the seminar is at your own risk.

Shooting training for self-defense and job

Our seminar participants receive an intensive, modern, tactical shooting training, which is reserved only for members of state anti-terror units or military SPECIAL OPERATIONS FORCES (SOF).


  • Security

  • The professional handling of modern firearms

  • A real gun handling

  • The correct control of the trigger (trigger control)

  • The 2 Eyes on Target Shooting Principle (Shooting with both Eyes open)

  • The precise reaching of the targets

  • Mindset

The shooting training of the HRT Shooting Academy resembles a modular system.

Each completed seminar prepares the trainee to the next higher level.

The levels are called Basic, Advanced and Master.


The EU is facing a worsening threat situation and numerous new security risks.
Multiple conflicts and the increased foreign assignments in high risk zones are

nothing new to NATO's European armed forces and security forces.
These conflicts are increasingly taking place in urban areas.
In my opinion, the shooting training that was generally carried out in Europe does not

fully comply with the international standards.
For a better adaptation to this situation we have developed 2 shooting concepts:

     MFSS / Military Freestyle Shooting System
     LEFSS / Law Enforcement Freestyle Shooting System

We train all seminar participants according to the modified technique Modern Isosceles.


Chief Instructor

Joe B

15 years, Joe has been a member of the SOF (Special Operations Forces) - Tier 1 - in high risk zones / bad lands.

For more than 17 years he has worked in the field of private security.

Certyfied Close Protection / Bodyguard.
Joe is a state-certified shooting instructor and a shooting leader of the Shooting League of National Defense in Poland.

Shooting instructor of the low enforcement, justice and military cadets - vocational / education center.

Member of the Association of Soldiers of the Polish Armed Forces.

Shooting instructor low enforcement and military cadets.

The president and the chief instructor of the Polish Shooting Association PATRIOT

He is the seminar leader and the developer of
MFSS: Military Freestyle Shooting System
LEFSS: Law Enforcement Freestyle Shooting System

SHOOTING Instructor

Witold A

Shoting Instructor


SHOOTING Instructor

Sabina P.B.

Sabina is a state- certified shooting instructor and a shooting leader of the Shooting League of National Defense in Poland.

The vice president and instructor of the Polish Shooting Association PATRIOT


Dave Bravo

Our trainee according to our learning methodology and he is also on the way to get the weapon patent and weapon license.

Dave is also responsible for the IT department.

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Guest Instructor

Each HRT Guest Instructor is a former member of a state special / anti-terrorist unit / military SOF

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