For each of our seminars, whether the Basic, Advanced
or Master level, basic equipment is required for each participant.
The seminars themselves have specific equipment requirements.
These can be found in the respective seminar description.
Our equipment list is based on experience. To bring along training are: 


  1. Sturdy belt. Must fit in the loops.

  2. Weather adapted clothing and changing clothes / possibly
    rain protection -comfortable robust trousers and jacket.

  3. Stable but comfortable shoes.

  4. A cap.

  5. Eye protection - shooting glasses with change lenses or
    sunglasses, or normal eye glasses and sunglasses.

  6. Ear protection.

  7. Cleaning stick, gun oil, underlay.

  8. Flashlight with trouser clip or holster.

  9. Writing materials.

  10. Insect repellent.